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Title: [ANN] The Throat Punch Coin -TTPC
Post by: prissyme67 on July 16, 2018, 12:41:58 pm
The Throat Punch Coin



The Throat Punch Coin is given this shocking name to attract attention. The vision of The Throat Punch Coin is two-fold: to focus on this silent tragedy and to provide financial aide to organizations that the community believes to be doing the most to help the victims of domestic violence.


Our Blockchain

The Throat Punch Coin is a decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency with a maximum supply of 50,000,000 TTPC, staking at 100% anually, allowing for all investors to make an interest on their investment.

Support the Battle Against Domestic Violence!


Coin Specifics

Algorithm                          Scrypt
Type                              PoW/PoS
Coin name                         TPCoin
Coin abbreviation                  TTPC
Address letter                             T
Coin supply           50000000 coins
Premine amount      5000000 coins
PoS percentage       100% per year
Last PoW block            block 10000
Min. stake age                   6 hours
Max. stake age               Unlimited
Coinbase maturity             5 blocks
Target spacing             60 seconds
Target timespan                 1 block
Transaction confirmation   6 blocks


Website (     Windows Wallet (!ovpikCZB!WEmpyqTKzNWBWeEtZhxB3Lg0xkM_s54PizYhkuu0hv8)     Linux Wallet (!Rj4gnarQ!oIvQK9P602QTckD_1D7rLLbwO6ZbAn-edUBia9pXTDI)     Block Explorer (

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Title: Re: [ANN] The Throat Punch Coin -TTPC
Post by: nomadmin on July 16, 2018, 02:23:53 pm
Cause coin rocks.. can't wait to trade this coin to help a great cause that really needs brought to light so more people can find the help they so desperately need.

Great Project def going to watch this one and see where it goes from here...

Make sure you Spread the word about this coin. We all can help the cause just by sharing and word of mouth,

Peace Love Happiness.
Title: Re: [ANN] The Throat Punch Coin -TTPC
Post by: Titanium on July 17, 2018, 12:19:25 am
greetings I am pleased and a great pleasure to be part of this great project that promotes the welfare and protection of the individual who suffers from this great global problem for many is simply a taboo for others means life health and safety a timely help achieved in the individual a great vision of the future and helps to restrain and strengthen the lost values