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[ANN} / Re: TTPC White Paper
« Last post by sharnden on July 23, 2018, 11:34:42 am »
Here is the WhitePaper in PDF form.
Lounge / Whats up dudes and dudettes !
« Last post by prissyme67 on July 19, 2018, 04:45:35 pm »
Whats up guys and gals ! ;)
[ANN} / TTPC White Paper
« Last post by sharnden on July 19, 2018, 04:10:02 pm »
The Throat Punch Coin White Paper.

   The purpose to this White Paper is to information about the project and how we plan for it to impact the crypto currency world. The Throat Punch Coin was designed to bring attention and awareness to Domestic Violence. Bringing a real world concern to the Crypto World. Millions of people suffer one form of Domestic Violence around the word every day. This is beyond Epidemic proportions.

   TTPC's goal is to reach out to those who are victims and still suffering from Domestic Violence and offer them a way to get help. Nobody should or will be left behind. In the coming months TTPC will be expanding our Network in the Domestic Violence community. Reaching out to Shelters, Abuse Alternatives and Advocate Groups.

   TTPC offers a Forum for survivors to share their stories and offer support to those who been victims of Domestic Violence. Along with the Forum, the purchase of TTPC will generate revenue to aid those looking to escape from their violence. The ICO is set up to offer the coin at a reasonable rate as well to cover expenses to get the coin to the public.

   Expenses consist of but not limited too,

          Coin Exchange Listing

   Creating a Reserve fund to aid fleeing victims.

   Setting up Donations for Aid.

   Coin Specifics

   Algorithm                         Scrypt
   Type                              PoW/PoS
   Coin name                         TPCoin
   Coin abbreviation                 TTPC
   Address letter                             T
   Coin supply                       50000000 coins
   Premine amount                    5000000 coins
   PoS percentage                    100% per year
   Last PoW block                    block 10000
   Min. stake age                    6 hours
   Max. stake age                    Unlimited
   Coinbase maturity                 5 blocks
   Target spacing                    60 seconds
   Target timespan                   1 block
   Transaction confirmation          6 blocks

   ICO Sale

   (Est. .05 cents each USD)

   500,000 @ 76sat

   500,000 @ 78sat

   500,000 @ 80sat

   500,000 @ 82sat

   500,000 @ 84sat

   With the spread of the ICO once again it gives a chance for Investors to get coins at a great price, we anticipate a near limitless potential of this project. With Crypto Currency making an impact across the globe, this will be a project that can bring people together like never before. Come make a stand with us together with The Throat Punch Coin!
General Discussion / Re: Welcome !!!
« Last post by prissyme67 on July 17, 2018, 09:03:35 am »
W00t TTPC community is happy to accept any and all members who believe in the cause! welcome all!
General Discussion / Re: Welcome !!!
« Last post by Camowilli on July 17, 2018, 06:34:19 am »
W00t TTPC community is happy to accept any and all members who believe in the cause! welcome all!
General Discussion / Re: Welcome !!!
« Last post by ariewayq on July 17, 2018, 02:47:11 am »
thank you for accepting me, hope this community grows useful and knowledge sharing success is always TTCP
[ANN} / Re: [ANN] The Throat Punch Coin -TTPC
« Last post by Titanium on July 17, 2018, 12:19:25 am »
greetings I am pleased and a great pleasure to be part of this great project that promotes the welfare and protection of the individual who suffers from this great global problem for many is simply a taboo for others means life health and safety a timely help achieved in the individual a great vision of the future and helps to restrain and strengthen the lost values
[ANN} / Re: [ANN] The Throat Punch Coin -TTPC
« Last post by nomadmin on July 16, 2018, 02:23:53 pm »
Cause coin rocks.. can't wait to trade this coin to help a great cause that really needs brought to light so more people can find the help they so desperately need.

Great Project def going to watch this one and see where it goes from here...

Make sure you Spread the word about this coin. We all can help the cause just by sharing and word of mouth,

Peace Love Happiness.
[ANN} / Nomad Coin
« Last post by nomadmin on July 16, 2018, 01:00:25 pm »
Nomad is a coin for Nomads around The world. We nomads are gaining ground and expanding across the horizon and we need to be able to have a way to catch up with the digital age and that is nomad coin. With nomad coin you can pay your fellow nomads for services and products rendered.

With nomad coin it's easier to build your trust with fellow nomads and provide valueable products and services for those that spend their life traveling and working abroad. Today in this age we wanted to make it simple for fellow nomads to come together with one thing in mind and that is expanding our reach to the digital world... Nomad Coin was built by a nomad for nomads.

We supply a community wide support and development team that is focused on helping you reach your dreams and desires of traveling the world and enjoying your life while you do it without the stress of how to pay for things..

Now with nomad coin you can watch your stress and fears of the unknown fade away.
Come join the Nomad community today!

Name NomadCoin
Ticker Nmd

210m total supply
premine 15% 31500000
min coin age - 3 hours
50 coins per block pow
50 coins per block pos
tx min fee 0.1 NMD

algorithm hmq1725
block size: 6mb
last pow block: 1000000

p2p port: 15716
rpc port: 15717

testnet p2p port: 25716
testnet rpc port: 25717


windows -
Linux - plz se source from github and compile
Mac -
Github source -

website -
Discord -
facebook -
Twitter -
Youtube -

Cryptohub 1st  AirDrop By date
Airdrop Date ---------01-31-18
Total AirDrop amount-------84100 nmd
Amount per User-----10 nmd
Total paid to users--------------7670 nmd


http://pooldaddy dot ws


btcnomad_official -
xelawebdev - german -
coin8coin - chinese -
open - spanish - in need of new link
acidzero - Italian -
nanofoxice - Russian -
alvinmtp - Indonesian -
birdie_ale - French -
buntwo - Portuguese -
optipessi - Hindi -
barkbay - Filipino -
parkysik - Korean -
frycek1987 - Polish -

cryptotron -
vincentnguyen - Vietnamese -
soixantedix - ukrainian -

btcnomad -

maysilles -

Discord links / TTPC Discord
« Last post by prissyme67 on July 16, 2018, 12:45:59 pm »
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